Why Started Organic Roost

The major problem was that there is so much information to sort through and some of it can be very confusing and conflicting as well. It came down to what to believe or what not to believe at random and I wasn’t comfortable with that I watched very informative movies like Food Inc and The True Cost and finally, removed the politics and conspiracy theories, and decided to focus solely on what is best for me, my body and my health. That is what I think the best approach is to changing any part of a lifestyle, whether it is a baby step or a giant leap, it all comes down to a very personal choice of what is best for you and if you have kid. Your family After many conversations with my best friend, we came up with the idea to start Organic Roost as a nesting place so to speak, for people like us who may be interested in understanding the basics of organic products.

Kind of like an Organics 101 course with 2 and a half to three minute classes twice a week. Like anything, learning something new can be very overwhelming. So, as we learn here, we will do our best to translate all the technical stuff, facts, ideas and tips and share it with you in a less complicated way in a couple of minutes. My personal decision to eat more organic foods on a daily basis was simple to me. Regardless of what a scientist or anyone who claims that organic foods are not better for you, I felt the less chemicals and artificial substances I ingested, the better it should be for my body.

It was as simple as that in my mind Like the old saying. You are what you eat. Thankfully over the years, Organic products are much more obtainable. Just a few years ago you had to shop at a specialty store to get organic food. Now many of the smaller local stores carry Organic options and a lot of the major brands are creating organic labels as well. As time goes on, organic options will increase and that will mean even more competitive pricing, better choices and variety.