Why Buy Organic Fruit

According to research, organically grown fruits have 40% more anti-oxidants than conventionally grown fruits. A lot of people say they can’t afford to buy organically grown fruit.

It is a little bit more expensive, but isn’t your health and aging backwards worth it? Here are some examples of organic fruits and why you should eat them. First of all, the tomato is actually a fruit, even though most people think of it as a vegetable. Tomatoes are grown on the vine. They’re so good and they’re so full of all kinds of anti-oxidants. When you pick fruits and vegetables with red color, you know those are especially good for you.

Avocado is another example of a fruit, some people don’t know that avocado is a fruit. A lot of people say that avocados are very high fat. Actually, they are high in fat, but they’re the good kind of fat that’s really good for you. Apples, you should be especially careful to try to eat organic apples whenever you can because conventionally grown apples are notorious for having a lot of pesticide. Mangos are delicious anytime, and organic mangos are even better for you.

And of course the citrus fruit, anytime you can get organic, it’s recommended.