Types Of Greenhouses

Greenhouses differ in their thermal properties, their design and purpose.

According to the thermal properties the cultivating areas are divided into cold greenhouses, moderately cold greenhouses and moderately warm and warm greenhouses.

In winter in cold greenhouses the temperature is maintained at 5-7 ° C.

In moderately cold greenhouses an average temperature is 8-12 ° C, and in moderately warm ones – 12-15 ° C.

In winter in warm greenhouses for tropical plants the temperature should be between 18 and 22 ° C, in summer – higher. For example, for “Victoria regia”, many tropical orchids and some palms during the summer growing season it is necessary greenhouses with a temperature of 25-30 ° and above.

The designs of greenhouses are divided into two main types:

1) Single greenhouses of larger or smaller sizes, and 2) separate greenhouses connected in a system (block), which lateral sides are replaced by poles. This is the so-called block greenhouses.

Among individual greenhouses lean-to and gable greenhouse are differentiated. The main difference between these greenhouses is skylights. In the lean-to greenhouse one slope of a roof is glazed, while in the gable greenhouse both the slopes are glazed.

Gable greenhouses have many advantages over the lean-to. Light and thermal conditions are better in them, they are more convenient to work, demand less expensive building materials per unit of floor space, and therefore more profitable from the economic side.

Learn-to greenhouses have some advantages in early getting flower production, namely in February-March, when they capture the sun’s rays better.

For the later receipt of flower production the gable greenhouses are more preferable.

Block greenhouses are the connection of gable greenhouses without sharing inner sides. Block greenhouses (the so-called Italian) work on solar heating or bio heating (bio blocks). They are arranged from removable frames, mounted on a light carcass and they are also very comfortable.

For many people gardening has become a hobby or even a serious work. And a number of them cannot do without greenhouse.