Tips for managing your Food and Garden Organics

Do you love the Food and Garden Organics trial, but hate the mess, bugs and smells? Here are our top tips for managing your food and garden organics. Give your caddy a good scrub with hot soapy water.

Line the inside roughly with newspaper. Or, if you’re the patient type, create something beautiful with a DIY bin liner. Tip your green bin over, and give it a scrub with a broom and water. Line it with pizza boxes, egg boxes, grass, leaves, or newspaper. Create a nest for your food scraps in the centre of the bin, to stop them sticking to the sides.

Once your bins are clean, keep them odour free by wrapping smelly foods like meat and seafood in newspaper, a plastic bag or container, and freezing until bin night. Make sure you remove any of the plastics, and toss them in the green bin. Sprinkle the bottom and sides of the bins with bicarb soda, or sprinkle salt on the rims. Keep your bins pest free by rinsing with boiling water to destroy any eggs. Sprinkle salt or lime powder around the rim of your bin, or spray vinegar over scraps to make the bin unpleasant for flies and maggots.

Spray eucalyptus oil around the bin rims to deter pests.