Special Greenhouses For Separate Plants

In this article we will speak about special greenhouses, arranged for individual plant species, such as orchid, special greenhouses for the culture of roses for cutting, etc.

In the orchid greenhouses for most orchids it is needed a lot of light, freshness and air humidity.

In greenhouses for the culture of roses for cutting the special soils of sod land are arranged. Roses in this case are put in the ground without the pots.

Finally, in the greenhouses that are used for winter maintenance of plants such as citrus, pine, evergreen and some others to avoid the heat of direct sunlight, the ceiling is made dark, and the plants are lighted by the side through vertical glass wall facing to north, while glazing from both sides – facing east and west.

Interior equipment of greenhouses depends on their purpose (breeding, culture, or forcing the plants), on the method of use of the area, which, in turn, is associated with the method of culture.

In the modern types of greenhouses there are two basic ways to use the area:

1. Rack way – when the culture is grown on special shelves or racks, as, for example, it can be in lean-and gable greenhouses.

Shelving, hills and hanging racks are used to adjust cultivated plants, to place boxes and bowls with sowing and cuttings, etc.

Depending on the width of the greenhouse, along its length two racks with a single pass down the middle or three shelves with two passes between them or four-five shelves are arranged.

Modern greenhouses have collapsible racks. Heating pipes are located closer to the shelves, and only part of the pipes is placed atop to prevent freezing of windows in winter.

Shelves are a flooring on which you install the pots with plants. On the shelves you pour a layer of sand about 3 cm thick, which is watered to always maintain moisture content under the pots with plants mounted on the racks. In cases when the racks are used for planting cuttings, a thin layer of soil is poured under the sand.

For many people gardening is a hobby or even a serious work. And a number of them use greenhouses.