Smart Tips to Reduce Organic Food Waste

You probably get sick of buying expensive organic vegetables and fruits, they end up go bad! Or we forget about them in the refrigerator, they turn no good! I would recommend to freeze your vegetables and fruits, if you feel that your family won’t use up them within a week Take half of raw veggies and freeze rest.

For example, my sister, SJ has a good idea what to do with organic spinach I tend buy a large box of fresh organic spinach. It was hard to eat them all by myself. My husband, Lee won’t eat it. Therefore, organic spinach usually go bad.

I stopped buying organic spinach. Due to food waste. Until SJ said she tends freeze remaining spinach leaves. I never thought of freezing them! So I tried it myself I bought them and put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer to last longer.

From now on, I drink my green smoothie with spinach. It was way easier and no more food waste! Secondly, I would suggest you to make a meal plan. For example, I buy a cauliflower that I never buy it before I want to try something new by adding a cauliflower to my meal plan. The best way not waste it by do it and prepare a meal with a cauliflower that night or tomorrow.

If you discover that you like cauliflower, you will know what to do with it. That apply to all vegetables and fruits. If you want try a new fresh food. Go for it but prepare them immediately. Often we buy the food we don’t know what to do with and they go waste.

Here is why I recommend you to buy new vegetable and do the cooking sooner than later. Prepare new vegetable to build your confident to buy it again next time. Personally, I noticed it myself so I change my strategy and it works! Third, always storage fresh food in the glass containers. Glass containers last the fresh food way longer! For example, here are carrots I bought for my baby I usually steam carrots and storage in the glass container.

I tend take veggies and fruits out of plastic bags and storage them in the glass containers. This is what I always do — using the glass containers. The fresh food lasts longer if they’re storage in glass containers based on my experience. They save my money!