Professional Baseball Pitcher Workout Routine

Mariano Rivera is a right handed pitcher who has spent 17 years in top flight baseball, playing in the MLB for the New York Yankees. Mariano has been nicked “Mo” and has become one of the best pitchers in the game, with a strong right hand, and and eye for incredible precession. There are not many pitchers out there in the MLB who can pitch as fast and as hard as Mo can.

Mariano was signed up by the Yankees back in 1990 as an amateur. He then went on to début in the MLB in 1995 as the Yankees starting pitcher. He then went on later in his career to establish himself as one of the best relievers in the MLB. The Yankees success over recent years has been due to the fact that Mariano can produce such incredible results when pitching, and without him, they surely wouldn’t be the same team. However, a lot of Mariano’s success comes down to his desirable body, the type of body that makes a true athlete. Let’s talk a little bit more about he has achieved such an awesome body.

Having a strong, well toned body is vital for playing baseball – sure, it’s not the most contact filled game, but you still need to be strong like Rivera, and be able to throw the ball hard and just create that image of power that strikes fear into your opponents eyes. It’s no doubt that he has undergone training similar to that of a royal marine, where they train so hard that their bodies become cut and ripped into great shape, allowing them to achieve greater physical performance. You too can achieve a body like this, were you will be at the top of your game – you just have to have the right determination and state of mind, and if you have that, you will be able to achieve the same physical presence as Mariano Rivera.