Professional Basketball Players Workout and Diet

Tim Duncan is a professional basketball player who plays for San Antonio Spurs and has made a huge name for himself in professional basketball. Tim stands tall at 6 foot and 11 inches and weighs in at around 260 pounds. This type of strong physique has allowed Tim to become the dominant and aggressive power forward player that he is, giving himself a reputation that strikes fear into those who try to stop him.

Despite starting out as an avid swimmer, Duncan soon was picked up due to his physical attributes and was called up to play for Spurs and soon began to put in a number of fantastic performances that were soon noticed throughout the basketball nation. Duncan stunned everyone with his immense physical condition, and for good reason too – he is in great shape and has worked hard to achieve the body that he beholds today.

As to what Tim’s exercise regime is, we can’t be too sure – however, it is pretty evident that his exercise regime can’t be that different from that of a professional weight lifter – of course, not in the sense that he has got huge, unattractive muscles bulging out of his body, but that his body is well toned, well filled and has had a lot of work done on it to make it as perfect as it is today. There are many benefits to having a body like Tim does – you will notice that you will look a whole lot better, be able to perform better, and people will become a lot more attracted to you. If you have the right fitness plan, and the right state of mind, then you can achieve these results, and it’s no doubt in our mind that Tim has seen all these results and more!

You too can achieve a body like this, it’s not that hard – sure, you have to put in a lot of work and eat the correct diet, but you really can do it. You just have to ask yourself if it’s worth it, and if you want to look like Tim Duncan, then it really is!