Prepare the Garden for Winter

To ensure the garden stays in tip top shape throughout winter, it is worthwhile to carrying out an autumn tidy up.

As the leaves begin to change color and the days become shorter, it is time to start organizing the garden for the colder months ahead. Indeed, winter is fast approaching bringing with it a host of frosty One of the first things a person should do when embarking on an autumn tidy up is to take out the summer bedding. As heart wrenching as this may be, especially if it is still looking healthy, it is an essential task to carry out as it will provide the space for both the winter and spring bulbs.

In its place, it is a good idea to plant a mixture of winter flowers like pansies and small evergreens alongside a range of spring bulbs such as wallflowers, primroses or daffodils. Doing this in either September or October will give the bedding a proper chance to put its roots down before the cold weather sets in and slows down growth.

Giving the garden a good weed is also recommended since this will help to prepare the soil for springtime and stop the other plants from becoming too overcrowded. Equally, applying a layer of mulch will help to nourish the soil, meaning it is ready for the year ahead. For an Eco-friendly and cost-effective mulch, use autumn leaves.

Additionally, gardeners who want to plant new perennials including irises and dahlias should aim to do this in the autumn. And, for those who have apple or pear trees, for example, now is the time to harvest them, as well as planting things like winter lettuces or spring cabbages.

Ensuring that the lawn is properly cared for will also help it to survive the harsh weather conditions that winter brings. The key to getting it right is to make sure it is tough enough to endure such things as hard frosts, as opposed to encouraging it to grow. As a result, it can be wise to invest in some form of weed and moss killer.

To make sure that everything is in prime condition, it is also important that a person looks after their gardening tools. Any debris can be removed with a damp cloth, whilst rusting can be prevented by rubbing in some kind of mineral or olive oil.

Autumn gardening is a great way to ensure that any garden is in tip top shape for both the approaching winter and the following spring. And, by carrying out such tasks as weeding, laying mulch and attending to the lawn in September and October, gardeners can ensure that their outside space has every chance to develop healthily throughout the colder months.