Organics And Good Health

Organic food is much more expensive, right?

Not in the long run, say over a months period, buying bulk organic food can be the same price or less if you plan ahead and buy the right foods. We tend to over eat regular foods because our bodies are not getting the nourishment it needs from boxed, canned, over processed foods. So with wholesome, natural food, you really need less of it to get full and to satisfy your bodies nutrient needs.

Organics and good health.

Cutting out most of the processed foods is a big step in maintaining good health. Buy local produce grown in your area. Imported fruits are irradiated and that kills most of the vitamins, so buying apples from South America is not as good as natural apples grown on a local farm. Go to the farmers markets, the fruit stand on the side of the road, there you will find natural fruits and veggies that are fresher and full of the vitamins your body needs.

In today’s world of mass produced corporate food products, nutrients and vitamins are usually man made chemical derivatives of the ones found in nature, added in because there is nothing of value in the product to begin with. Along with many other chemicals added in to preserve freshness and improve the taste of the product, buying corporate food is really not what you body needs.

Make the change today for good health

Removing just a few certain items from your diet can go a long way to improving your good health, then adding a few organic items will help even more on your way to vitality and increased energy.

Take out white sugar, soda pop, white flour (bleached), and replace with local honey or natural sugar, organic teas, and unbleached whole flour and grains.

Cut out candies, chips, crackers, cookies from the regular shelf and replace with those items made with natural ingredients. Browines made with natural flour and sugar are sooo good, and not bad for you.

Why do we eat?

Simple question right? let’s get it down to basics. We eat so our bodies have energy to move and do things. How many times have you had a big festive dinner, like on Thanksgiving or Christmas and after you eat become so tired you want to take a nap? Isn’t food supposed to give us energy? Then why do we get tired?

First, eating too much puts a strain on your system to process it. Second, most of that food is probably full of items that are hard on your digestion, so we get tired and rest to process it all. Eating a smaller portion of natural food should give you energy, not make you tired.

Then of course we do not want to forget to exercise our body regularly or at least not be a couch potato, unless you are an organic potato.