Organic Skin Care Products for the Evening

These are lavender essential oils. These are water soluble essential oils. Not all essential oils are the same. Some you can burn in tea light burner, which will make your room smell heavenly. That’s also very just to breathe.

These are specific to be put in water. We’re going to give you a little diaper to take home with you, which is 100% cotton and it won’t scratch your skin. You’re going to fill your sink basin with water, put in your essential oils, then you’re going to use your diaper to do calm presses. You just want to really take the time and inhale deeply. The essential oils are probably the very most important part of your home care ritual.

The essential oils not only soften the skin, but they treat very specific conditions. So if it’s impurity that you’re having a problem with, the lavender is going to be very healing, very detoxifying of the skin as well as hydrating. After your palm presses you’re going to do your eye gel, which again all around your eyes. Your neck serum to protect your neck and chest and then you’re ready for bed.