Organic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

What are the 7 key foods that would sustain you in a long term emergency if you could not get to the store. Why I’m even talking about that with these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, freshly ground whole wheat. We are using several of the 7 foods in here.

One is wheat. We are going to grind up this wheat and use it in the cookies Also, we have oats Oats is whole grain. This also is a 7-grain mix.

It has barley, wheat, and some other whole grains in here. The 7 foods that you would need to sustain your body and that you should learn how to store and use on a regular basis are whole grains, which we’re using, legumes, like beans, which we are not using today, powdered milk, which we’re not using, salt, oil, water, sugar or honey, and those are the 7 that you would need. If you know how to use, store, and actually enjoy eating these types of foods, they would sustain you in a long term emergency, and that could save your life.