Organic Beauty Masks for Skin Care

The mask is a very important part of the facial, and ideally should be done one time a week at home. You would want to cleanse your skin just as we did in our facial. Steam your skin if at all possible so that the pores are open. You’ll place the mask on your skin. Every mask is different as far as how long it will stay on your skin.

Some masks harden; some masks dry. This particular mask called an OPC mask OPCs is another word for anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants act like a Pac man. They go around and they digest free radical damage.

It’s just very, very nourishing. Because it’s organic, free of chemicals, free of synthetic fragrances, we want to put it all around Amanda’s eyes, on her neck and chest. A lot of times we as women especially forget our neck and chest and we’re focusing on our face. This is a very, very important part. We age the most on the tops of our hands, our neck and chest, and around our eyes.

So whatever your put on your skin always pat down do your neck and chest and the tops of your hands. We’re going to leave this mask on for about 10 minutes to get all the nourishing benefits of the green tea, the different essential oils and herbs that are added to it.