Is This Fruit Organic?

You should try to pick organic fruits and vegetable whenever possible. The way you can tell if the fruit and vegetable is organic, well, of course they have the signs up in the store, but a lot of people pick stuff up, they smell it, they squeeze it, and then they put it down possibly in the wrong place.

There actually is a way to tell just by looking at the little sticky label on your produce, whether it’s organic or conventionally grown or genetically modified. When you have conventionally grown fruits or vegetables, they have a 4 digit number on the sticky label It could be any 4 digit number. This one is 3110. So you know that this orange is a conventionally grown orange, so it is not organic.

Organic produce, on the other hand, will have a sticky label with a 4 digit number, but it will be preceded by a 9. It’s really a 5 digit number preceded by a 9. You can tell that this avocado is organic, and this avocado is not. The way that you tell if a product is genetically modified: it will have a 5 digit number beginning with 8.