How to Raise Organic Vegetables

One thing I want to talk about are pests in the garden. There are grub worms, cut worms, aphids, beetles, squash bugs – all kinds of things that suck the juices out of the leaves, out of the plant, cut off the plant, spot the plant, and will eat the leaves.

So here are some of the techniques that I use. This cup – you can put a cup, or cylindrical plastic container, around a plant so that it grows up through it, and that prevents a cut worm from literally cutting down the plant. So what they’ll do is just about two inches above the soil, they just literally cut it off and you’ll find your plant laying on the ground. Another technique for aphids and mites is to spray the plant with soapy water. This has soap and water, and just spray it like that, and you want to be sure to get the underside of the leaves as well.

And that’s a great technique. Another thing is, for snails and slugs, you can take a cup and plant it in the ground. It needs to be fairly deep. So a tuna fish can would not be deep enough. But, put the cup in the ground, bury it so that the top of the cup is flushed with the ground, and fill it – put some beer in it.

About two or three inches of beer, and the beer attracts them, they fall in, and then you find a cup of dead bugs – dead snails.