How to Plant Winter Vegetable Gardens

Going to show you some cool season vegetables that you can plant in late winter so that you can have some real nice delicious spring harvests. Folks three of the best cool season vegetables and late winter going into the springtime are spinach, and your cold crops which consist of broccoli, cabbage, and if it’s a mild winter, cauliflower would be just as good.

Now spacing is very, very important. We look at these young broccoli and spinach plants that we just planted. Yeah, they’re little and tiny but we have to be patient with them. We got to give them that spacing. Follow your tags.

Your vegetables come with individual tags that tell you height requirements and space requirements. So spacing and initial planting are very, very important and crucial so you have maximum potential for that vegetable to get large with time. And it’s less prone to disease and insect problems because it has enough sun and proper air circulation. Remember, certain vegetables like tomatoes and peppers are much larger so when they get much more mature and larger later in the springtime, they’ll shade the little tiny guys. So give them enough space to grow, plenty of sunlight and they’ll do just great for you in springtime.