Home Gardening Tips For Beginners

Vegetable gardening is not only a passion any longer. It has now become a good as well as healthier way to fight shifts in your economy and the rising cost of living.

About 6 months ago we experienced yet another economic depression making it harder to make ends meet each month.

During the last economic recession we were vegetable gardening newbies. As it turned out it was perfect timing for us. Vegetable gardening gave us an opportunity to save a bit of money on our food bill.

We felt like we actually had a bit of control in a recession we couldn’t control.

Get Your Neighbours And Friends Involved

Before we started vegetable gardening we had a few friends who would bring us fresh veggies from their vegetable gardens. One friend even brought us preserves she made with what she grew. Great having gardening friends.

Now we share vegetables we can consume fast enough, although this year we are planning to have Barb show us how to preserve vegetables for the winter.

Start Your Vegetable Garden With Things That Grow Easily

Our first vegetable garden was a container garden as we didn’t have permission or space to dig up in the yard we rented.

Our container vegetable garden wasn’t very big and mostly tomatoes however we had no idea just how many tomatoes we would get from just a few potted plants. We didn’t want rotting tomatoes everywhere and hadn’t learned how to can tomatoes yet so we started giving them away to friends and neighbours.

Now we save money every year and each year we increase the size of our vegetable garden. But we didn’t even stop there. We found that some of vegetable gardening friends were willing to try something new that would help us all.

What did we do? Well each of us grew things we could share with each other but we grew different things. Friend one would grow buckets of tomatoes in a variety of kinds and another would grow something different we could all share.

That first spring we started sharing was amazing and each of us noticed a considerable saving on our food bill.

This year my wife and I are growing tomatoes in abundance, enough to share but also enough to keep for preserves next winter. Tomatoes are a big part of our diet as we put tomatoes in everything, pretty much.

We have also put aside an area to grow squash. We tried growing them in the vegetable garden but they took right over so we put them in a new location.