Giving up Junk Food

Since I’ve been working to refine my diet so much lately, whether it’s been removing sodas, cutting back on the late-night snacking, or exercising every day, my newest goal I’m striving towards is the complete removal of junk food.

That’s right, NO JUNK FOOD AT ALL

This certainly won’t be easy, as anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a HUGE sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate. I don’t expect it to be easy, and I certainly don’t expect it to provide any results overnight, yet I think the long term benefits will definitely be worth it.

Any why am I doing this? Because I’ve noticed such a huge increase to my health and energy levels after cutting all of those other things listed above out of my diet, that I think removing this final obstacle will provide me with more ways to gain additional energy and stamina.

So as of today, June 25, 2009, I plan to undergo a 45 day trial of NO junk food whatsoever. This includes candy, chips, cookies, brownies, and anything that falls between the lines. Wish me luck!