Basketball Player Diet and Gym Tips

Shaquille O’Neal, or Shaq as he is known, is one of the greatest and most famous basketball players to ever live, fact! Shaq plays basketball for the Boston Celtics and is known extremely well over the entirety of the whole world, and for good reason too – he has won many different medals with the Celtics and his playing style has had a huge impact on NBA in general. Many children over the world aspire to achieve as much as Shaq has, and people really look up to him and the way that he plays the game with such power and determination. O’Neal has also played along side some of the other greats in basketball, such as Kobe Bryant and many other big names.

Shaq uses his tall strong physique to his advance when he plays, and has the ability to shrug off any other player that gets in his way because of this. However, he hasn’t always had such an awesomely strong body, he has had to work hard in order to achieve such a look, which can be achieved by a lot of people! If you are interested in achieving this type of body, then you may want to know how Shaq had achieved this over the past few years. Read on as we explain how.

Although, we can’t say for sure what his exact regime is, we do know that in order to achieve a strong body like Shaq’s that you have to undergo such training similar to that of a professional boxer, where you have to take into consideration a lot of core strength training and also do a lot of cardio work to increase the powers of your heart. Shaq will have no doubt done a lot of this type of training in his lifetime n order to get a body like he has, and if you desire such a body, then you should consider doing the same sort of regime – you just have to have the right state of mind, and really go for it!