American Football Tips for Workout and Health

Peyton Manning was born in 1976 on the 24th of March and play American football for the Indianapolis colts. Peyton has literally barged his way into becoming the Colt’s number 1 quarterback. Manning holds records for achieving 4000 or more yards worth of passing in consecutive seasons, which is quite an incredible achievement. He also holds one of the highest passing rates in NFL history and is the Colts all time franchise leader in careers passing, careers wins, pass completions and passing touchdowns. In 2009, Peyton Manning listed as the number one football player in the whole world, according to The Sporting News. Fox Sports had also named him to be the greatest player of the last decade. It is clear to see that Peyton Manning has worked hard in order to become the greatest player of the last decade, and he has achieved this not just through his talent, but also his physique plays a huge role in how well he does.

Peyton is big, his body is toned and muscles are lean – but how does he really achieve this sort of body? Well, his workout regime is unknown, but its safe to say that it’s probably similar to that of a movie star. Sure, that sounds like a strange comparison, but how many movie stars do you see who don’t have great looking toned bodies? Not many I’m guessing, and that is exactly what Peyton looks like. Getting a body like this isn’t out of your reach either, if he can do it (he’s only human) then so can you, can’t you? Do you have the desire and the focus to achieve a great looking body like Peyton Manning? If you do, then you can expect to achieve the same sort of results as him – his workout regime won’t be anything special. If you have access to a gym and weights, then chances are that you should be able to sculpt your body into the same shape of Peyton’s!