American Actor Workout Tips and Guide

Jared Padalecki managed to transform his self completely and get away from the lame and lanky frame no guy and even girl would dare take a second look at.

His Supernatural stint made him feel that he needed to add muscle mass and that’s how the Jared Padalecki Workout started – with the guidance of the famous American powerlifter, Scot Mendelson. In the Men’s Health interview he did, Jared acknowledged Scot Mendelson for helping him packed on 35 pounds of muscle while keeping lean at the same time. He even shared what he learned from the two-time bench-press world champion.

Jared said that Scot told him to get strong to get big. The powerlifter explained to him that more muscle fibers get activated when heavier weights are used and more active muscle fibers will produce greater result. Jared took Scot’s advice. He basically packed on plates so that he may pack on size. On top of his rounds of heavy weights, Jared has been snacking on protein shakes containing about 600 calories, as per Scot’s recommendation as well. And indeed, the result was amazing. Jared became as ripped as ever.

According to a research, muscle fibers indeed reach their maximum growth when the weights used are 80 to 95 percent of the amount the person can lift before. However, this principle only applies to experienced lifters. Beginners are advised to use light weights as it is said that they can gain the best possible result just by exerting 60 percent of their effort. Meanwhile, it is claimed that protein shakes don’t just enhance performance but also help repair the so-called muscle injuries brought about by intense workout.

Bulking up is never easy especially if you are a hardgainer. However, you can draw some inspiration from Jared Padalecki, the skinny dude who successfully achieved a toned and lean body. Consider trying the Jared Padalecki Workout if you want to have a great body just like Jared. The Jared Padalecki Workout is a simple and doable routine that you don’t even need a great trainer like Scot to make it your own routine. Keep in mind the formula. Heavy weights and shakes. It wouldn’t hurt if you will also have a balanced diet in between. Just be cautious and know the limitations that specifically apply to you.