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Discover easy ways to live a healthy, organic life without going broke!

This book will help you feel better, live healthier and create a chemical-free home for you and your loved ones.

Go Natural Book


Go Natural – The No 1 Organic Handbook

You’ll learn:

  • 14 key reasons why you should go organic
  • How to tell genuine organic products
  • Top 10 tips for healthy, organic living
  • 7 tips to choosing the safest food for your family
  • How to clean your home using natural products and save money
  • Secrets to natural beauty without chemicals
  • 8 easy steps to grow your own organic food


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‘Dr Lok has written a very extensive book covering the whole gamut of issues relating to going natural and organic. You couldn’t find a more detailed book on all these topics anywhere else. I have made a study of a lot of these issues over the past two decades but have never found all these topics covered in one book. It would make an excellent text book for a course on this topic. With stories sprinkled throughout, the book is not only very informative but also an interesting read!’

Gail Baker

Director, All Mortgage Finance Pty Ltd



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