The Organics Institute

‘As crude a weapon as the cave man’s club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life. For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death.’
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962


An organic lifestyle is not an ‘all or nothing’ choice. We believe that an organic lifestyle is affordable to all and can be gradually adopted wherever you are, however large or small your budget. You can live a natural and healthier organic life without going broke.


Within this website, you will find easy, practical tips on how you and your family can adopt an organic lifestyle and minimise your exposure to toxic chemicals.


We can all play an active role in the push against toxic chemicals in our everyday lives. We can start by educating ourselves on the many toxic chemicals found in our food, skin care and household products.


Learn how these chemicals affect your health, your family and our environment. Our mission is to provide you with up to date information so you can make an informed and educated decisions when it comes to choosing every-day, household products. Our purpose is to empower you and your family to live a healthier life, free from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.


Through the years, we have allowed the proliferation of chemical substances by corporate entities whose motivation is for massive profits at the expense of our health and environment. We must realise that we have the power to change this situation. We can say ‘NO’ to the use of these toxic chemicals by voting with our pockets.


Every time we shop, we have the opportunity to support an industry that promotes the health and wellbeing of all, and one that respects and values our environment; or we can choose to continue supporting an industry that places profits before our health and wellbeing.


There is overwhelming evidence to support action against the use of these toxic chemicals however, those producing these chemicals will always argue in favour of their use. How long are we willing to gamble the health of our children, the environment and our future?



Together, we can say ‘NO’

…. to toxic chemicals in our lives
…. to harmful food additives
…. to pesticide residues in our foods
…. to genetic modification of our foods
…. to toxic chemicals in our skin care products
…. to toxic contamination of our world



Living an organic lifestyle not only means looking after ourselves by reducing toxic chemical consumption but also taking care of the environment in which we live. It is about enjoying a healthy, happy lifestyle that is in tune with the natural world.


When you choose an organic lifestyle, you are choosing to be part of a solution which provides a sustainable, healthy future for yourself and generations to come. It embraces a sustainable approach in farming, manufacturing and consumption of goods. It ensures that food needs are met, our environment and natural resources are protected, with non-renewable resources being used efficiently and the quality of life for our farmers and the community as a whole is enhanced.


Buying organic increases the demand for organic products, this in turn, encourages farmers, food manufacturers and retailers to produce more organic products. This will make organic food more readily available, less expensive and therefore more affordable to all.


Increasing the demand for organic produce ultimately will lead to the reversal of conventional farming practices and the damaging effects they are having on our health and environment.


When you buy certified organic products, you are supporting a complete agricultural system that will affect the future of the world around us. This is a future we can ill afford not to invest in and we have the power in our own hands every single day of our lives to make this difference. It simply means being a more responsible consumer, taking an environmentally responsible and healthy sustainable approach in our lives.



Together, let us say ‘YES’

. to a better and cleaner world
…. to a sustainable future for our kids
…. to a natural, healthier organic lifestyle

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke